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Dua to get someone back - Get your lover back

Dua to get someone back - Get your lover back

Someone asked me this question about Dua to get someone back

Salam alaikom, i have had feelings for this specific female for a while now and even though we were never an official couple or dated. we talked to eachother for a while and we get a long and trust eachother. the problem is that she has her heart set on somebody else she dated before and went back into a relationship with him. Me and her are still friends although we dont talk no where nearly as much as we used to. its been about a year now and i still have strong feelings for this girl . i even heard that she at once told a friend that she regretted going back to her ex and shouldve continued talking to me. that was a while back and as far as i know now they are still together. What i wanted to know is that is there any way i can make dua for her to have a change of heart towards me? i really believe i am in love with this girl and i can honestly see my self marrying her in the near future is Allah permits. I would like to get some religious advice on if i can pray for her to change her mind as it seems impossible right now because we barely talk. she is Muslim also and i have great strong feelings that we would be a great husband and wife. i currently pray 5 times a day and make dua whenever i can hoping that something will change.

The answer for dua to get someone back

I just want to clear doubt if suppose I loved a girl and I pray to Allah for my marriage with her and suppose I married her but somehow she is not happy with me, and then she leaves me, I want to ask a question can we pray to have someone from Allah? Bcoz girl is not a thing its not a car or bike, a girl is the vital creation Allah says in ch 4 v 19 that don't tr8 women harshly, in ch 40 v 60-Allah says call to me I will hear u.we shud pray to Allah bcoz its a form of worship but to pray to Allah to g8 someone, I doubt yes but I always ask Allah to grant me a pious wife and children in the future.